Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rev Reed Brown Speaks at United Metaphysical Church PB

What a Great Turn out at the United Metaphysical Church. What a Great Message. Security, Security, Security. We are Not here for Security, We are here for Creativity. God, I Love this Idea. Better Yet, We are Taking Action on this Idea! We had the place Jamming!
The other thought from Rev Reed Browns Message on Saturday Evening was disecting the difference between believing and knowning. We KNOW we are expanding in such an exciting way that we are Excited!
Join Us. See our Site for other information & directions.

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  1. My first time ever with Rev Robert Gaines Andy Hopper Barbara Bochavick, myself had a reading that came true as fortold this week, my long lost friends from germany Peter n Luis contacted me from holiday in Gran Caneria..I just want to say thank you Reed Brown, God Bless KGH /05/07