Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Forward in Life

Spring Forward!I always like the feeling of that phrase, the leap of energy it carries, like a dancer gracefully springing across a stage. Something always springs forward within us when the weather coaxes so much Nature magic to happen around us. New growth, inner and outer, everywhere.In the spirit of new growth, I'm sending you a link to a short clip of what happens in a Belgium train station when one person springs forward... As I watched, I was struck with how it creatively depicts the healing process. One cell springs forward into harmony and benevolently influences more and more cells. Pretty soon, everybody's in sync. Perhaps we can view this as though we are watching our own cellular dance. A spiral of resonance ripples out as each cell, predisposed to harmony, springs forward into new levels of well-being. One cell, one seed, one blessing, is all it takes to begin the dance.Enjoy your spring!

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