Monday, March 30, 2009

Paul Esch & Friends

How do you spell Energy? R-O-L-A-I-D-S... No, No, No!
P-A-U-L E-S-C-H!

Paul Esch brought great energy in to United Metaphysical Last Night! He played his music and was accompanied by Wayne Hosford on keyboards. They were tight. As an extra boost and a surprise to all of us, Paul also brought a friend along, Annie Ashley who is also well versed in speaking. She brought a good old country girl from Georgia message as well as playing guitar as well. Make sure to check our site for upcoming events and classes for this week at:

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  1. Hello...I am a friend of Paul Esch that is looking for him to come visit us again in Houston, Texas. He also sold me equipment that I need replacement parts to operate...namely the light bulb for his lymph cleaning equipment. Can you give me his new email address or phone number. The phone number I have for himm in Atlanta is diconnected. Thanks...Connie Patterson 713-545-0812