Monday, March 9, 2009

We are Home! Thank You Marilyn

Marilyn Ellsworth gave a Beautiful Message about Being Home. I even noticed some tears in some of the congregation. It touched our Hearts. It definitely felt like home this evening.

To add to the atmosphere, Wayne Hosford, one of the Keyboardist and Vocalist played during the Message. It was Synchronized to a tee!

Dave Compton and Wayne are a Great Asset to this Church. Dave lead everyone in the song for the spiritual message service. He brought all the men up front. It was fantastic seeing all the women in the seats. Side note: Carolyn Wilkens will be on a leave of absence for recovery, we do ask that anyone with any wigs (colorful clown wigs will do) please bring them to the office. LOL.

The Podium Assistant was Cass Stryker who also added a wonderful energy up front. Energy was flowing through everyone.

The Readers for the Evening were Rev Marilyn Ellsworth, Rev Jim Kohlbecker and Milton Green. Just like everything else this evening, the messages to people were Great. New Visitors were elated with the experience.

One last thing, Margie Kimmel bakes for our social time after the services, So this being her Birthday, she was presented with Huge Baskets of Cake Mixes and everything for Baking.
Hope to see you Here!

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  1. We have an incredibly kind and compassionate members who are all seeking the same things: to be fully empowered and at one with Source. Our members, such as Rev. Marilyn Ellsworth, are gifted healers. Please come join us. You also may receive a message from a loved one in Spirit.